UN affiliation

WYSE attained recognition in 1998 as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) officially associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations. WYSE actively participates in the conferences and NGO activities of the United Nations. The goals of WYSE are strongly related to issues considered by the United Nations, both in the overall purpose of our activities and in the specific content of our programmes. It concerns activities that serve the promotion of peace, understanding and co-operation in a spirit of respect for human rights, democracy, tolerance and solidarity. As an NGO, WYSE incorporates the guiding principles of the UN Charter and of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Our view on the United Nations

We support the original intent and vision for the United Nations and strongly believe that this kind of organisation is needed in the world today. It is a great privilege and responsibility to be part of the larger action network, which supports the process of implementing the principles of the United Nations.

The cooperation between the United Nations and the NGO community can provide a bridge for communication between the peoples of the world and the policy makers at the national and global levels. We believe that this cooperation has the potential to be a major vehicle for human evolution, as it supports the process of framing current issues within a context of global interdependence.

We are aware that in recent times many people have felt disappointed with the UN's role in world events. While we realise that the current structure and function of the UN is not ideal and is often dominated by the political agendas of powerful countries, the United Nations is also undergoing an unprecedented transformation. The organisation is reforming structures, management and priorities in a drive towards greater coherence, agility and unity.

WYSE was accepted for association with the UN on the following criteria:

  • Share the ideals of the UN Charter
  • Operate solely on a not-for-profit basis
  • Have a demonstrated interest in United Nations issues and proven ability to reach large or specialized audiences, such as educators, media representatives, policy makers and the business community
  • Have the commitment and means to conduct effective information programmes about UN activities by publishing newsleters, bulletins, and pamphlets; organizing conferences, seminars and round tables; and enlisting the cooperation of the media
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