Revisit your values

Remember the values exercise from your ILP? Do you still have all the little post-its with your values written on them?

We invite you to re-visit those values and consider going through the process of prioritising them again. Are they the same as when you were in the ILP, or have they changed? How do you feel about any differences that occur?

This might be a topic to discuss with your ILP peers. Why don’t you connect with them?  This is a lovely opportunity to discuss the values process and where you are now. Perhaps you can even re-connect with your homegroup!

Over to you…
We would like to hear from you. Do share your stories with us on Facebook.

Want to continue your learning

Here are some events we have found that could support you to carry on your development*.

Spain: yoga training

England: Mindfulness train the trainer

England: Psychosynthesis Essentials

United States: Mindful Leadership Summit

Australia: Mindful Leadership Forum

*WYSE is not endorsing these events, they are a random selection of those available. 
If you know of any other events happening near where you live. Please share them with our community on Facebook or Twitter.

A thank you from WYSE Brazil

The successful programme in Brazil earlier this year could not have been possible without the generous support of the following people.

Brazil2014 thanks

Call for volunteers to coach inspirational young leaders

Are you passionate about supporting young people to make a difference? We are currently offering the opportunity to become involved in the WYSE coaching programme! Coaches, supported by WYSE work with ILP participants for up to 6 sessions following the programme. The sessions are a really important aspect of the WYSE ILP as it supports participants to continue their learning and development.

We want to ensure that as many people have access to coaching as possible. The WYSE coaching programme is free and relies on volunteer coaches. We have a small number of places open, so if this sounds like an opportunity you would like to be involved in, please email Allie Sharp (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), describing why you are interested and how you think you can support the coaching programme.

Please also let us know what languages you speak, as we would love to be able to offer coaching support sessions in the language that is most comfortable for the diverse group of people that WYSE serves.