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We are seeking strong partnerships with companies that are aligned with the values of making a positive impact in the world.  Our corporate partners enable us to provide more opportunities to people from developing nations to attend our programmes, which act as enablers, supporting stronger leadership, where it is needed most.

Socially Responsible Organisations tell us they support WYSE because of the:

  • positive effect on company morale;
  • increased staff motivation because they feel like they've helped someone and made a difference;
  • ability to provide strategic support for a young leader in a community that is important for the company;
  • focus on charitable company activities and corporate social responsibility;
  • alignment between company values and the values of WYSE.

  • Our company is committed to supporting WYSE and it's mission to help young leaders make a difference in their communities. Our whole company is involved and it is inspiring for us all that we are supporting young people who are making such a significant difference in leading others to make this world a better place.
    (Corporate Partner)

  • It was one of the most moving things I've ever done in my life. All these different people from completely different cultures talking about their differences – but also, above all, their similarities; and how leadership fits into that. They all come together and have amazing conversations about how they can all really make a difference in their own countries.
    (Staff Member and Funder)

    Raising self esteem and aspirations is our passion, so sponsoring one of our promising graduates in their further development to attend WYSE was a natural next step .... we could never have estimated how much it helped them to grow.
    (COUI UK)


  • Donating money to WYSE, to support our global emerging leaders to become more mindful was a company decision. This decision was empowering and is aligned with our company values.
    (The Dream Mill)

  • Sponsoring our youth who want to do something for their community to have a global experience like WYSE is one of the ways that we support our emerging leaders to consciously become stronger world citizens.
    (Organisational Partner)
  • Engaging the creative power of young people is what we do. Funding people to attend WYSE is the next best investment we can make in their futures.

Join our corporate sponsorship scheme

Companies can opt to support someone from their own company to attend a WYSE International Leadership Programme and at the same time sponsor one or two people from a disadvantaged background to attend.

For more information about how your company can get involved with WYSE and start supporting young leaders to create positive change in the world - and through that support - infuse your company with the positive stories of their success, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We would be happy to send you a Corporate Supporters Pack, so please contact us if you feel inspired to be involved.

We would like to thank The Performance Coach for their ongoing support of WYSE international.
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